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JANE'S GUIDE Quality/Original Rating and site review - 0101FootWorld:
No doubt about it, this site is a huge gift to foot fetishists! There are well over 9,000 pics keyed so that you know the content you'll find before you click the gallery. The special interest pics include foot sprains, casts, dirty feet, food pics, heels, flip flops, tattoos, crushing, foot stress, worship and much more. The most unusual category of pics was "pregnant feet". The models are sorted by country, an unusual choice but a lot of fun. Most pics are softcore, but there are quite a few galleries showcasing nudity or hardcore footjob action. The nylons/pantyhose shots are often really breathtaking, especially the ones showing rips and snags. Yummy! The pics are from all different angles, so no matter whether you like pics that emphasize toes or soles you'll be happy. The members area is still pictures, but these folks produce DVDs, and videos The neatest thing about that is that they'll make custom ones just for you! The online store is pretty straight forward, and you can order through snail mail. A great foot porn site! If you have a medical fetish, the casts will interest you as well. - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/month nonrecurring or $14.95 recurring Reviewed: 02/24/2005 Advertising: Low

green tea
  Liz [size 6 1/2] (Foot Show) -NEW-

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Check out: Our latest foot girl as she entices you with her soft soles and suckable toes, we hope you like her and our other hundreds of other girls from over 50 countries!
  MILLIE [size 8 1/2] (Foot Show)

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From Millie: My soles are especially wrinkly and I used to think that was a problem I could fix with lots of cool lotion massages. Then I met a guy who told me my soles drove him wild. I still love my peds massaged with lotions -- but not to remove these wrinkles!
  JACKIE [size 7 1/2] (Foot Modeling)
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From Jackie: You can see how soft and wrinkly my soles are can't you? My feet are really wide from walking around barefoot a lot of the time. I love showing off my pretty toes and I get lots of compliments from men and women about them.
  LUCKY [size 7 1/2] (Pedicure)
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From Lucky: My guy LOVES my soft wrinkly soles and long curly toes. He'll do anything to get me to let him suck on my toes till I cum. Come to think of it so will I! So you bet I keep them nice and clean and soft. He got me this foot care stuff to keep them nice and sexy.
  JILL [size 8 1/2] (Foot Modeling/Sprain)
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From Jill: In Denmark we love winter sports, but of course, these can be create injuries. I love skiing but have a bed leg and often end up with sprains. This means too much time watching other ski while guys in the clubhouse watch my exposed toes!
  COCO [size 7] (Foot Polish)
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From Coco: I'm a fetish girl and I like to do foot and toe bondage using western leather straps but also I like traditional Japanese roped bondage called shibari. This time you see me polish my little toes. Maybe next time I show you my feet in bondage.
  TRACY [size 10] (Falaka)
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From Tracey: I have a bit of a foot fetish but Hildy is a complete taskmistress. We combine our interest in love play with some unexpected results for me! I typically need a foot bath and a long massage after she is finished stressing my poor feet and toes!
  KATELIN [size 10] (Foot Modeling)
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From Katelin: I am especially proud of my long narrow feet and pretty toes. Many of my friends have wide feet and short stubby toes. Men comment about how nice I look wearing strappy heels. They think I don't see them looking at my feet and not my shoes!
  CAMRY [size 7 1/2] (Foot Modeling)
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From Camry: I've learned to pamper my feet ever since, Mike, one of my foirst boyfriends in high school showed an interest in them. I liked to show them off with foot & toe jewlery and ankle bracelets - even when they were not in style.
  XIA [size 6] (Foot Food)

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From Xena: I learned to eat with my feet when I was a teenager to impress my friends and freak people out in public! I also learned that I liked my feet pampered and my toes sucked by the right, talented guy...
  MILLA [size 5 1/2] (Foot Cast)
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From Milla: Breaking my foot was a mixed blessing. More guys paid attention helping me, but limping around in the cold and snow of Stockholm with nothing but a soggy sock was no fun -- I often had to limp around with my poor toes exposed and crutched home quickly to the fireplace or a boy's warm caressing hands!
  MARIAN [size 7] (Pedicure)
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From Marian: I love pampering my feet and toes. I must have a pedicure at least once a week. It follows a warm soothing footbath and a hot oil massage. I love the feel of a good massage between my long pretty toes. I dont like to confine these toes in closed shoes.
  Annette [size 8 1/2] (Foot Modeling)
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From Annette: Its temperate enough in Captetown to walk around barefoot or in flip flops most months. I love showing off my feet and dangling my flip flops to see who'se watching. I like foot guys cause they're uninhibited enough to suck my toes and make me feel sexy.
  Ageha [size 7 1/2] (Foot Show)  
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From Ageha: I like to walk around barefoot and my feet show it! Still they are very sensitive and I like to have them pampered. My toes are really ticklish and they need to be massaged very delicately and slowly or else I lose it!

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